Monday, July 14, 2008

One of 364 000 articles

According to google I've written another one of ~364 000 articles about SQL join types. So the question is why anyone should read it?
Here are a few reasons:

  • It is 25 pages long;

  • It contains join types metamodel or at least my attempt to create one;

  • It tries to describe what are different join types and how they relate to each other;

  • It contains visual pictures of cross, inner, and left, right, full outer joins and this time not with Venn diagramms, which I personally think are suitable for absolutely different operations (set operations);

  • To describe theory it contains 44 examples, which are tested on Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL;

  • It contains several links to other resources.

Because it is 25 pages I've decided not to put it here but it is on my website.

I have one wish though - if You are reading this article and have access to another DBMS (than already mentioned in article i.e. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL) and have a bit free time, please run examples on your DBMS and post results either here or send me to mail Then I will put them in original article along with contributor's name.

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