Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unbreakable Oracle documentation

Yes, that's the fact - everyone knowing the real situation will start Homeric laughter. It is down, down, down and down again. To be true sometimes it is also up and running. Unfortunately "sometimes" seems to be more and more rarely. Just now the popular entry point shows following:

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.3c55293e.1266419217.19d36a

Interesting - is tooooo much to ask Oracle to provide just static htmls (OK there is advanced thing - search feature, however I could also easily use Google instead, at least it is less unbreakable ;) for its users continuously without interruptions more than not?
Or after the grand results of maintenance income there isn't any single $ left for an admin to monitor the resource? Or probably the last reliable box has gone to super functional and alike working MOS?

Chris Warticki in his blog wrote what to do if MOS is down then what? Unfortunately the blog now is (seems to be censored and) closed and for a little while pages are only accessible from google's cache. Most of the people in oracle-l list say they have downloaded oracle documentation locally in a recent discussion about oracle documentation. However it is bit odd for a company providing leading database of the world having income with nine zeroes being unable to provide simple html files without continued interruptions...

Probably that's the reason I more and more have to do something with SQL Server :)