Saturday, February 07, 2009


Time after time I'm doing something different than databases and Oracle :) One of these things is woodwork. So around the New Year I finished the most recent one - a shelf. Requirements, design and implementation fully by me. Here it is just attached to the wall.

wood shelf
And now full with stuff. Most of pottery in this shelf is produced by my cousin and her husband.
wood shelf
The hobby started already in school years when we had special woodwork lessons and this probably is one of the best results from these times - a turned wood vessel with amber decor on the top.
turned wood vessel
Nowadays there are fantastic possibilities to make something from wood on his own compared to Soviet and early post-Soviet times. Tools, paints, lacquers, various components and semi-finished products in shops are far and away more. For example the shelf above also was created using ground glued board, so actually the creation process is not complicated.
One of the most interesting tasks was to restore a few Soviet style chairs as old as myself (i.e ~30 years). Here is a photo with one old chair and one already restored.