Monday, November 26, 2007

How to choose database

Most of us (I mean readers of Oracle related blogs) most probably have already decided which DBMS to use. However the world is changing and sooner or later either you'll have to choose a new DBMS or defend your favourite one.
Quite often we hear such argument like DB X is cheaper than DB Y, therefore we have to take this one. And cheaper usually means only license cost. However license cost is only one part of direct expenses not to speak even about indirect expenses.
So i've written an article trying to explain more than 10 criteria which should be analyzed before final decision. Article contains also a list of more than 30 databases with links to their sites one can choose from.


Tonguç said...

Link below seems not to be valid Gints;

Gints Plivna said...

Hmmm, works for me and quite a bunch of other people as I've been able to see in my site's log records referrer section.
You can of course try to go to my site (> White papers and notes -> The forst one there.
Probably the all site is blocked for you?

ondreatadych said...

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