Wednesday, October 17, 2007

All latvian Oracle (and not only) users - UNITE!

I'd like to announce two resources for people that like relational databases and speak Latvian.
The first one is discussion group for Latvian Oracle User Group. The near future plans are described here (in Latvian).
If you speak Latvian and work with Oracle then it is your duty :) to join it! Of course one can join even if he doesn't speak Latvian, however there will be a small problem - everyone will understand you, but it is doubtful that you will understand anything except some keywords like Oracle, SQL, etc :)

The second resource is mine. And it is more general, it is blog about relational databases (in Latvian).
Recently I've searched Internet and was very unpleasantly surprised - I've found very few resources devoted to relational databases. So not to make only complaints I've started to blog about relational databases in my mother tongue. I'm of course not living in illusions that I can do it only myself and therefore anyone that is at least a little bit eager to help me in this process and has some knowledge either in general SQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PosgreSQL or another relational db is encouraged to join me and become author in this blog.

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