Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A new experience

I've completed my first Oracle certified training course in Mebius Latvia. This time as a trainer though.
For already a few years I feel necessity somebody to tell what I've learned and how to do or not to do certain things in Oracle ;)

The first step was my website where I could put some articles telling some experience stories. Now I've completed the next step – directly telling people how to work with Oracle. The content of my first course as a trainer was quite trivial – 10g PL/SQL fundamentals. Although describing more than 250 slides in two days, even quite easy slides, was a completely new experience for me. I hope I've completed it more or less so that my trainees understood what I was talking about ;) In fact I was really satisfied with them, because all had more or less experience with Oracle and programming as such, so there wasn't necessity to tell for example what the "IF" statement and logical values are. In the very beginning I frankly told them that questions help not only trainees to deeper understand the covered material but questions also help the trainer to feel better and understand that at least some trainees are following the lesson material ;) So they really followed my plea and time after time we had even discussions about one or another topic. So I'm thankful to my trainees, I hope they understood at least main things I told them and I'm looking forward to my next course after a while.

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