Friday, June 27, 2008

Trip to Estonia

During my holidays I've been in a 4 days trip to Estonia. For Oracle adepts this is the country where Tanel Poder comes from ;)
The trip was made up by myself and my wife, during it we drove ~1700 km. The general idea was to drive around all Estonia (it is not very big country) and look at some (hopefully) most interesting places. Here are 26 most interesting photos:

A view from Munamagi hill
A view from Munamagi hill, the highest point in Baltics

Tartu Dom Cathedral

Tartu Dom Cathedral, it is being rebuilt now

Tartu monument

Interesting fountain in Tartu, second largest Estonian city

Rainbow over Peipsi lake

Rainbow over Peipsi lake

Street at Peipsi

There is 8 km long street through the old villages along the Peipsi lake. It looks like that all lengthways

Ivangorod castle

Ivangorod castle over the river in Russia. This castle is just in the opposite side of Narva river from the Narva castle

Narva castle

Narva castle. This castle is just in the opposite side of Narva river from the Ivangorod castle

Bells in Narva castle

Aija along with bells in Narva castle

Estonia northern coast

Northern coast (Gulf of Finland) mostly consists of limestone rocks up to 56 metres high

Sunset over Gulf of Finland

Sunset over Gulf of Finland

Valaste waterfall

Valaste waterfall is the highest waterfall of Estonia

Kivioli hills

Estonia has some kind of oil shale, this hill is man-made and consists of slag of oil shales. It is 116 metres high. The picture was taken from a bit lower hill of the same origin, just older one.

Symbol of Rakvere town

Symbol of Rakvere town

Bikes at Palmse manor

Bikes at Palmse manor, which is in the very centre of Lahemaa national park, a beautiful sightseeing place

Jagala waterfall

Jagala waterfall near from Tallinn

Tallinn city wall

Tallinn has more than 2km long old city wall with many towers and everything in very well preserved

Tallinn old town

Tallinn old town

Ferries to Saaremaa

There was a bit rainy when we crossed over to Saaremaa island (actually Muhu island, which is connected to Saaremaa by dam). The sail is very short just ~20 minutes.

Liiva church

13th century painting in Liiva church, Muhu island

Maasilinn stronghold

Maasilinn stronghold in Saaremaa

Angla windmills

Angla windmills. There were multitude of windmills in Saremaa (~800) these are just a few of forever gone old might.

Kaali meteoritic lake

It is very easy to get to this Kaali meteoritic lake, it is just 17 km from Kuressaare, centre of Saaremaa

Kuressaare castle

A passage in Kuressaare castle, Saremaa

Toilett of Middle Ages

Toilett of Middle Ages in Kuressaare castle, Saremaa

Kihelkonna church

Organ of Kihelkonna church, Saremaa

Kihelkonna church

Kihelkonna church, Saremaa. It was possible to climb up to the tower and look around through the windows

If you enjoyed these you can look also at some of my photos from Latvia.


Tanel Poder said...

Wow, very nice pics!

Looks like you had luck with quite decent weather during the trip!

Gints Plivna said...

We were quite lucky - for the first 2 days most of the time while we were driving, it was raining, but as soon as we had to get out to see something, the rain stopped :) Last 2 days were almost without any rain at all.

Stephen said...

Very nice pics. I wish I could travel more. There are more places in the world that I want to see than time/money seem likely to let me.

Thanks for sharing the pics, so at least I can virtually visit some of them with a tour guide.