Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some photos

I've been tagged by APC. Usually I don't respond to chain letters but this will be a bit of exception. However I won't tag anyone further. Looking at usual curses happening after NOT forwarding chain letters I hope all my Oracle installations won't silently transform to SQL Server ones ;)
So I won't tell anything about me, I'll just publish some of my best photos taken in various places in Latvia.

Lilacs in Dobele

Opera square

Lilacs in Dobele gardenGarden if front of National Opera

Nest of Lesser Spotted Eagle


Nest of Lesser Spotted EagleAiring trail in heath

A lake in fog

Sun set

A lake in fogSun set view over my country landed property

Open air museum in Atte


Open air museum in AtteEaster eggs by my wife(colouring of course :)

National Opera House in Riga

Rundale Palace

National Opera House in RigaRundale Palace

Riga Dom Cathedral

House Of Blackheads and St.Peter church

Riga Dom Cathedral - biggest church in BalticsHouse Of Blackheads and St.Peter church

Railroad bridge at night

Art Noveau in Riga

Railroad bridge at nightArt Noveau in Riga

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