Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The year has gone..

..since I started blogging. Actually I started it because of real anger against Oracle. The reason was one of the most famous problems in OTN history - inability to change e-mails ;) However about a month or two later it was resolved.
It seems the last year Oracle has made advances towards the community and:
1) listened to it (above mentioned case) as well as for example the case with AWR and ASH licensing. Probably all these steps were already on their way but I'm quite sure blog entries accelerated the result.
2) created public resources (oracle wiki) probably not veeeeery actively used until now.
3) granted free access for active members of public community to Oracle open world.
4) most probably made other positive steps I cannot remember or simply haven't heard about.

Last year was also big improvement in so called Oracle blogosphere - was founded along with some other aggregators, which can be found on oracle wiki.

For me it was a year of realizing the fact that there are tremendous resources about databases and Oracle in English, but just few in my mother tongue Latvian. So as I don't think English is the only language in the world even for databases :) I started to blog about databases in Latvian. Quite a bit of free time goes there.

So in my little anniversary I wish Oracle remember and support its community (probably sponsor a trip to Open world next year for bloggers khe khe :))) and myself to continue work about databases and Oracle resources especially in Latvian!


Konstantinos said...

how was resolved. I cannot find the relevant thread in OTN and my account is still binded with my old email account

You present the information in a very concise manner.

Thank you

Gints Plivna said...

Most of these old threads seems to be deleted so you won't be able to find them. Actually it was resolved partially, we could add another e-mail for watches, but for lost passwords we are stick to the old e-mails anyway.