Thursday, June 26, 2008

New improved price list

Obviously fluctuations of $ is affecting also Oracle ;) and as a result we have new global price list. Changes have affected also all Oracle database editions except Express, which is for free. So now Standard Edition One license is for 5 800 (was 4 995), Standard Edition is for 17 500 (was 15 000) and Enterprise Edition 47 500 (was 40 000) per processor. Personal Edition named user plus licence now is 460 US dollars (was 400). All new prices are here. These are the bad news.

The good news are that Oracle has created very informative Pricing and Licensing Rules, Tools page (at least I was not aware of that), which has many links to other valuable documents regarding Oracle pricing and licensing, for example, Oracle product prices in other currencies using Oracle exchange rates.

So get accustomed to new prices ;) and don't forget that there are other editions than Enterprise as well as there are such thing like term licensing (licenses for 1 till 5 years starting with 20% and ending with 70% of list price)!


Edgar Chupit said...

There was a message on oracle-l that prices of the training are also going up (at least in India), any news on that? :)

Gints Plivna said...

I was a bit out for almost two weeks to holidays, so just now found that post. Don't know anything about that, AFAIK some months ago (probably half a year?) there was a little raise for training prices at least in Latvia.